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The Korean Surgical Society (KSS) invites all members to submit oral and poster abstracts. We welcome you to contribute to the most up-to-date research and latest developments in the surgical fields. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and assigned to the appropriate session based on the author’s application and program requirements. Abstracts should be submitted online. For queries, please contact the ACKSS2020 Secretariat at ackss@ackss.or.kr

Important Dates

  • -Abstract Submission Deadline: September 4, 2020
  • -Notification of Review Results: September 28, 2020

Steps for Abstract Submission

  • Step 1 Click the Abstract Submission button above
  • Step 2 Sign up or Log in
  • Step 3 Select the preferred presentation type and topic
  • Step 4 Fill in the content, affiliations, and author information
  • Step 5 Save and review until September 4, 2020

Submission Categories

  • -Best Investigator (*for more information, please see the guidelines below)
  • -Oral
  • -Poster

  • -Resident Oral (전공의 구연)
    • -참가대상: 전공의
    • -초록은 국문, 영문 중 희망하는 언어로 제출 가능하며, 글자 수는 국, 영문 400자 이내로 작성해 주시기 바랍니다.
    • -채택여부는 개별 안내가 이메일로 발송 됩니다.

※ Best Investigators

  1. 1.The top 10 presenters who apply for the “Best Investigators” will be selected.
  2. 2.Award Prizes
    • -Gold Prize: KRW 1,500,000 (1 winner)
    • -Silver Prize: KRW 1,000,000 (2 winners)
    • -Bronze Prize: KRW 500,000 (3 winners)
  3. 3.Presentations should be delivered in English.
  4. 4.Presentations admitted for publishing in the Annals of Surgical Treatment and Research (KSS journal) will be given priority.
    (※ Must be mentioned as “Presented at the Best Investigators Session”).
  5. 5.Abstracts not selected for the Best Investigators Session will be reevaluated for Integrated Oral Presentation sessions.

For queries, please contact the ACKSS 2020 Secretariat at ackss@ackss.or.kr

Breast Hernia Surgical Oncology
Burn Nutrition & Metabolism Surgical Quality Improvement
Colorectal Obesity Thyroid & Endocrinology
Education Pediatric Trauma/Critical Care/Emergency Surgery
Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgery Robotic Surgery Ultrasound
General Surgery Stomach & Esophagus Vascular Surgery
Hepato-Biliary and Pancreas Surgical Infection

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. 1.Abstracts should be submitted online.
  2. 2.Abstracts should be written in English.
  3. 3.The body of the abstract should be constructed to include: Purpose, Method, Result and Conclusion.
  4. 4.The maximum number of words is 400. Titles, authors and organizations will not be counted in the 400 word limit. With figures and tables added, the maximum limit should be within 1,000 words.
  5. 5.The original abstract file should be uploaded on the submission page.
  6. 6.Fill in the affiliations of all authors first and then authors' names and emails. You can select the affiliations which you've already filled in before.
  7. 7.Please click the 'Save' button for each step and press the Last 'Save' button to complete it.
  8. 8.Authors may edit and modify submitted abstracts until the submission deadline. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure the accuracy of their abstracts. There will be no additional editing after the deadline.
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